We offer you up to date and just confirmed by documents information in suitable and easy to understand form.

We’re based on Standards that are proved their efficiency over the globe for many decades. All analytic work is done by algorithms that means that the assessment is independent and has no subjectivity - it’s just proved facts based.

There is no need to go deeply inside into wide range of science - we’re based on integral marks that could be easy to understand by any corporate department and investor: TechExchange Standart

TRL - technology readiness level - marked 1 to 9, IRL - investment readiness level - marked 0 to 9, Integral assessment of current stage risks of technology development in business - marked low-middle-high.

We innovate ourselves

We offer to public use modern web-platform based on our author rights’ and intellectual property.

International innovation impact community

Innovate without any borders. We’re offering you access to the plenty of reputable experts in new technologies and innovations all over the world.

Secured deals. Low risks. High profit

We’re ensuring your secured deals with reliable and experienced partners, assessment of risks and getting high accuracy forecasts.

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