Published DemandsModetated Demands
819 ndif 22/07/18 Decompression technology for fresh food Agro-industrial complex, Industry use Food quality Food storage Fresh food Unpublish Edit
581 ndif 19/06/18 Calcination Technologies for Inorganic Materials Under Corrosive Atmosphere Industry use, New machines, installations, tools, Not specified Calcination Inorganic materials Steam Unpublish Edit
583 ndif 19/06/18 Technology of activation of chemical raw material by external trigger on demand Automotive, Aviation, Industry use, New machines, installations, tools, New materials, Not specified, Self-governing mechanisms, Space technologies, Transport Adhesives External trigger Unpublish Edit
585 ndif 19/06/18 Reducing frozen meat gravy loss Agriculture products processing, Industry use, New machines, installations, tools, Not specified Food quality Frozen food Meat Refrigerating Unpublish Edit
587 ndif 19/06/18 Non-thermal sterilization technology Industry use, New machines, installations, tools, Not specified Food processing Sterilization Unpublish Edit
543 pin 19/06/18 Briquetting of Coal Fines Enrichment, Extraction and processing of raw materials, Minerals, Reducing of industry costs Briquetting techniques Coal briquette Unpublish Edit
548 tech0041 19/06/18 Object detection and classification algorithms Automotive, Electronics, Information Technologies, Processing of information, Transport Autonomous driving Classification algorithms Object detection Image processing Unpublish Edit
550 tech0041 19/06/18 Electric motor technology Automotive, Electronics, New energy, Transport Electric motor Power density Unpublish Edit
552 tech0041 19/06/18 Efficient way of producing H2 from water using sun energy Clean tech, New energy, Not specified Hydrogen Gas Sun energy Unpublish Edit
554 tech0041 19/06/18 Sponge Materials for the high density storage and safe supply of O2, N2, H2, C2H2 and/or Noble Gases Not specified Gas High density storage Molecules Sponge Materials Unpublish Edit
No unpublished demands found
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