Published OffersModetated Offers
1200 17/10/18 Street Lighning Control System Clean tech, Ecology, Energetics, Energy saving Smart City Storehouses Lighting LED Unpublish Edit
1187 17/10/18 New digital music Electronics, Information Technologies, Software, TEL&CO audio codec HD music Hi Res music Music streaming Unpublish Edit
1167 18/09/18 Healthy Baby Spine. SEAT APPARATUS FOR A CHILD AND PUSHCHAIR TO ALIGN THE CHILD`S SPINE AND PREVENT DEVELOPMENT OF A SPINAL CURVATURE Medical devices, Medicine and Healthcare, Not specified orthopedy spine treatment Unpublish Edit
542 tech0041 19/06/18 New fluorinated carbon materials for fuel cells and batteries Alternative, Energetics, New energy Batteries Carbon materials Fuel cells Unpublish Edit
546 tech0041 18/06/18 Drugs for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment Medicine and Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals Drugs Multidrug resistant forms Tuberculosis Unpublish Edit
538 tech0041 18/06/18 Fluorescently labeled monoclonal antibodies Biotechnologies, Medicine and Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals Monoclonal antibodies Test systems Cell biology Diagnostics Oncology Tumor antigens Anti-tumor Unpublish Edit
536 tech0041 18/06/18 Production of titanium parts by injection molding method Metals and alloys, New materials Injection moldin Titanium parts Titanium production Unpublish Edit
512 tech0041 18/06/18 Electron-beam melting of the surface of titanium ingots Not specified Electron-beam melting Machining Titanium Unpublish Edit
509 tech0041 13/06/18 WING amphibian transport – an innovative vehicle of the new generation Combat vehicles, Military and defence, New machines, installations, tools, Transport, Water transport Armed forces Machines Transport system Vehicle Water surface Unpublish Edit
458 tech0041 05/06/18 Modul easy-moved plants for disposal of solid domestic waste Domestic and customer use, Industry use, New machines, installations, tools Installation Saving energy Solid domestic waste Utilization Unpublish Edit
Total unpublished offers: 2
1750 pin 13/03/19 Test Offer 1 Bioengineering
829 ndif 01/08/18 test Agro-industrial complex Water surface
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