TechExchange is an international innovation management platform initiated by NGO National Development and Innovation Foundation, based in UA.

Our “Platform” is a web-platform based on our author rights’ and intellectual property including but not limited with Applied Math, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, technical and intellectual tools enabling members around the world to manage scientific based innovations, new technologies, high-tech projects and technological companies. Access to the platform functionality is available only to registered members.

The Platform provides the space where members can showcase their Technology Offers and Technology Demands for exchange and partnership (by providing information on their profile page that is moderated and listed in the Platform module that corresponds). Members may actively look for offers of technologies or demands on technologies, apply for technology exchange, post offers and demands, look for partners, propose research capacities, and look for science partners and members for technology consortium. There are available wide range of posting and search criteria on the Platform.

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