TechExchange provides for public use independent system of machine learning algorithm for independent assessment of TRL – technology readiness level, IRL – investment readiness level, integral assessment of current stage risks of technology development in business.

TechExchange provides paid or free of charge access to Technology Management Canvas that is significant data analytics of successful business models, strategies and approaches of extremely grown technological companies, these database is developing extremely by the Platform, its members and third parties organization for been used by Platform’s members as a knowledge management database and best practices library, those data could be used by members of the Platform, partnering organizations, representatives for the purposes of developing significant business model, strategy or its part, approaches and tactics for developing technology or technology companies. Meanwhile the copying of the data and their use for commercial purposes should be confirmed in written form by the Platform.

Each member is responsible for finding demands or offers of technologies that suits best their purposes and needs.

TechExchange provides as much as possible data based on corporate rules, that’s based on personal member’s conditions and the volume and quantity of the additional services provided. In the meantime every member holds his personal responsibility for final decision on stepping into contract conditions with other members and participants of the Platform.

TechExchange does not interfere with the organization of the exchange and assumes no liability arising therefrom. Notwithstanding, we reserve the right to cancel any member’s account if he/she fails to comply with these Terms & Conditions or our Privacy Policy.

TechExchange has following key modules and functions that could be developed further:

Module 1. Technology Demands
Submission and processing of technology demands / technology search

  • Creation of technology demands
  • Technology needs planning and structuring
  • Active promotion to targeted members for offers submitting
  • Technology scouting
  • Demands distribution to performers based on tags, interests and groups

Module 2. Technology Offers
Submission of technology offers / innovation proposals

  • Independent assessment of submitted technologies in accordance to the Platform’s stipulated standards – systematization by TRL, IRL, risks
  • Preparation of well-structured documents with independent peer review

Module 3. Technology Management Canvas
Acceleration / development of innovative projects – commercialization and transfer into successful technology business

  • Innovative tool – tech management canvas: strategy for minimizing risks, operating efficiency for bringing new technology to the market and integrating it into the current business of the company
  • Access to the knowledge bank – successful business models and cases of international technology companies over the past 20 years – the opportunity for the owner of a technology project to choose the best growth strategy
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