After you have filled and submitted your Technology Demand (more details here: How to post a Technology Demand) it must be moderated.

TechExchange is a platform with pre-moderation, and we do not publish information not checked by our experts.

Immediately after the preliminary publication, your Demand is given the status “Under Moderation“, and in the “My Account” → “My Messages” message system, a ticket is automatically created to check your Demand.

Important! You could not make any changes to your Demand after its submitting. All changes to the Demand are made by the Moderator, based on your requests in the message system “My Account” → “My Messages“.

Verification of your Technology Demand is carried out in accordance with the rules of TechExchange, it could be also required from your side to complete your account’s verification (more here: Verification your TechExchange account). In general, the moderation procedure takes no more than 1 working day.

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