Log in to your TechExchange account, go to “My account”.

If you are not registered with TechExchange, go to the registration page and follow the procedure described in Create your membership account. Follow the sections of the account: “My Account” → “My Demands” → “Add New” and start filling out the form of Technology Demand.

Technology Demand form has 3 sections, you should fill in all the fields in the most detailed and accurate manner:

Demand Description — describes the demand you have.

  • Project title. Enter the name of your Demand. You should give a short and exhaustive statement about what you are looking for. Try to stipulate it as much clear and understandable to both technical specialists and business.
  • Demand type. Choose the type of Demand from the list, it should be clearly correspond to one of the types listed below:
    • Grants or research funding
    • Investment Opportunities
    • Partners for consortium
    • Ready to market technical innovations and products
    • Research services and capabilities
    • Specific technical innovation
  • Background of the project. Describe in detail the details of the Demand, the scope of the project and the tasks that need to be solved.
  • Short description of the technology demand. Make a short summary of the previous section (Background of the project). This information is used for been distributed through search and mailing lists.
  • Industries of application. Select at least 3 sections from the industries list that match your Demand. Try to choose the correspondence as precisely as possible.
  • Technology areas. Specify at least 3 keywords corresponding to your Demand. Please you is possible the keywords that are already registered in the system, after typing several initial letters you would be suggested with auto-tip of keywords.

Demand Criterias — describes the search criteria for a technology appropriate to your Technology Demand.

  • Key Performance Indicators. Describe in detail, key indicators – qualitative and quantitative features that you are looking for in your Technology Demand. If possible, use the most structured and clear form of indicators, use tables to specify numerical indexes.
  • Critical criterias. Highlight briefly which of the indicators described above is critical to your Demand. What type of offers or ways to solve your Demand will not be considered or totally unacceptable.
  • Possible middle solutions or approaches. Describe possible ways and approaches that you are ready to consider for your Demand as intermediate or additional solutions, except those indicated in it directly.

Demand Overview — describes other important parameters of your Demand.

  • Preferred type of cooperation. Choose the preferred legal form of cooperation on your Demand at least 1 option from the list below:
    • IP sale
    • License sale
    • Know-how or technical documentation sale
    • Selling the legal entity holding IP rights
    • Launching new joint-venture legal entity holding IP rights
    • Implementing customized solution in client’s company
    • Other – add additional comments to your option
  • Funding available. Specify an approximate budget forecasted by you for your Technology Demand
  • Deadline. Enter the date of your Technology Demand deadline and relevance.

  • After filling the form enter “Submit“.

TechExchange is a platform with pre-moderation, after submitting your Technology Demand it will be immediately given the status “Under Moderation“. You will be able to see your request in the “My Account” → “My Demands” list, but in the general TechExchange’s directory your Technology Demand will appear after the moderation.

More detail on the moderation procedure you could see by link How is the moderation of Technology Demand?

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