After you have filled and submitted your Technology Offer (more details here How to post a Technology Offer?) it must be moderated.

TechExchange is a platform with pre-moderation, and we do not publish information not checked by our experts.

Immediately after the preliminary publication, your Offer is given the status “Under Moderation”, and in the “My Account” → “My Messages” message system, a ticket is automatically created to check your Offer.

Important! After the submit, you can’t make changes to your Technology Offer. All changes to the Offer are made by the Moderator based on the TechExchange Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy, after correspondence with you in the message system “My Account” → “My Messages“. This does not apply to confirmation documents that you can add and update during moderation. If you want to update confirmation documents go to “My Account” → “My Offers“, select the Offer which you want update with additional confirming documents, and click “Confirm Verified Offer”. You can upload documents or specify links for any of the 12 types of confirmations..

Verification of your Technology Offer is carried out in accordance with the rules of TechExchange, it could be also required from your side to complete your account’s verification (more here Verification your TechExchange account). The time of moderation procedure of the Technology Offer depends on the accuracy of its completion and the availability of confirmation documents.

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