Log in to your TechExchange account, go to “My account”.

If you are not registered with TechExchange, go to the registration page and follow the procedure described in Create your membership account. Follow the sections of the account: “My Account” → “My Offers” → “Add New” and start filling out the form of Technology Offer.

Filling in the form of Technology Offer will take you some time, so we would recommend you to read this manual and prepare all the necessary documents in advance. Technology Offer form has 7 sections:

Offer Description — describing your offer. You should fill the following points:

  • Project title. Enter the name of your Offer. You should give a short and exhaustive statement about what you are offering. Try to stipulate it as much clear and understandable to both technical specialists and business.
  • Offer type. Choose the type of Offer from the list, it should be clearly correspond to one of the types listed below:
    • Grants or research funding
    • Investment Opportunities
    • Partners for consortium
    • Ready to market technical innovations and products
    • Research services and capabilities
    • Specific technical innovation
  • Project need / relevance. Describe the relevance of the Offer, existing demand to the technology and solution you’re offering. Specify the problems the Offer targets and how the proposed solution allows solving those problems.
  • Background of the project. Describe in detail your Offer, the principle of the technology work, the scope, the tasks that it solves and how you have come up with the idea of your project. This field is visible only to the TechExchange, it’s collected for use for TRL and IRL assessment and advanced program of technology management and canvas development. It’s not displayed in the general TechExchange innovation directory for information secutiry and IP protection reasons.
  • Short description of the technology. Describe in a short summary the previous subject (Background of the project). This information is used for been distributed through search and mailing lists. Please don’t disclose the technological details of your solution in this section.
  • Industries of application. Select at least 3 sections from the industries list that match your Offfer. Try to choose the correspondence as precisely as possible.
  • Technology areas. Specify at least 3 keywords corresponding to your Offer. Please you is possible the keywords that are already registered in the system, after typing several initial letters you would be suggested with auto-tip of keywords.
  • Technology overview. Describe the core mechanics of your technology work, specify as much detail as possible for understanding the principles of your project. Attention! Don’t reveal the details that may be subject to intellectual property rights especially if the rights are not legally protected. This field is visible only to the TechExchange, it’s collected for use for TRL and IRL assessment and advanced program of technology management and canvas development. It’s not displayed in the general TechExchange innovation directory for information secutiry and IP protection reasons.

Development Stage — describes the current stage of your project development.

  • Current stage of development. You have to choose from the drop-down list one of the 4 stages describing your project’s state at the moment. Depending on the stage you choose we will ask you to provide a certain set of supporting documents.
    • Idea
    • In progress
    • Prototyped
    • Ready to implementation
  • Start of R&D, R&D finishing. Enter the start date and (if completed) completion date for R&D works for your project.
  • Supporting documents. Depending on the stage of your project, you must provide some confirmation to your Offer. In total, we could ask you to prove your Offer with the papers and official documents that has obvious description on following points:
    • Paper studies of a technology’s basic description
    • R&D research analytics
    • List of components that have not yet been investigated
    • Validation in laboratory environment
    • Validation in relevant environment
    • Model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment
    • Technology demonstrated readiness
    • Result of launched prototype in an operational environment
    • Technology tests and and evaluation
    • The technology is ready or started in small production
    • Revenue results
    • Technology using under operational conditions

    Each point and section could be proved by one, or several simultaneously, ways: entering text information, specification to the link in web, downloading the document in PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG formats. All information indicated or downloaded by you as a confirmation is stored on your personal closed disk inside the TechExchange system. Uploaded documents have a randomly generated URL with a reliable level of protection and are not indexed by search robots. Confirming information is available only to you and the TechExchange and is used only for the purpose of your Offer checking. If you would not provide the confirming information for some or all sections your project would be estimated on the lowest proved TRL, IRL and risks marks. TechExchange is working under standards and algorithms and just confirmed information is assessed as the true one. It’s on your interest to describe your Offer in details and prove each point of its state. We do not copy or use the documents uploaded by you in any way other than described in the TechExchange Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you decide to close the account on TechExchange, all stored confirmation documents are automatically deleted.

Project Parameters

  • Potential customers. Indicate the industries, organizations or exact segment of potential customers of your Offer.
  • Potential areas of application. Describe the fields of applications of your Offer.
  • Proposed form of realization. Choose the preferred legal form of cooperation on your Offer at least 1 option from the list below:
    • IP sale
    • License sale
    • Know-how or technical documentation sale
    • Selling the legal entity holding IP rights
    • Launching new joint-venture legal entity holding IP rights
    • Implementing customized solution in client’s company
    • Other – add additional comments to your option
  • Economic model of the technology. Describe the economic model that is the base for your Offer.
  • Economic efficiency. Describe forecasted or proved economic efficiency of your project.
  • Implementations term. Describe the terms required for your Offer been implemented.

Analogues Available / Analogues list. Mark if you know the analogues of your technology/solution/product and enter their names and web links to them.

Contact Person — provide the information about the owner of intellectual property rights of Technology Offer, his contact phone and e-mail address.
This information is not displayed on the TechExchange and used in accordance with TechExchange Terms, Conditions and Private Policy. We could make blind checking of any posted Offer and one of the ways is the interview with contact person.

Other Important Information — provide additional information that is important in your opinion, and was not reflected in the form of submission of the Technology Offer.

Documents Attachments — additionally attach the files in PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG formats which contain important in your opinion information about your project, and was not reflected in the form of submission of the Technology Offer.

  • After filling the form enter “Submit“.

TechExchange is a platform with pre-moderation, after submitting your Technology Offer it will be immediately given the status “Under Moderation“. You will be able to see your request in the “My Account” → “My Offers” list, but in the general TechExchange’s directory your Technology Offer will appear after the moderation.

More detail on the moderation procedure you could see by link How is the moderation of Technology Offer?

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