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Your continued use of the Platform will be considered as the acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, including our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept these Terms & Conditions please leave the Platform now.

If you have already established your personal profile and became a TechExchange Member and do not accept these Terms & Conditions please notify your designated TechExchange representative of your intent to cancel your TechExchange membership.

All references to ‘our’, ‘us’ or ‘we’ within these Terms & Conditions refer to TechExchange. The terms ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Yourself’ means any person who accesses the Platform, whether as a registered or a non-registered guest. All references to “Member(s)” include both paid and free members.


TechExchange is an international innovation management platform initiated by NGO National Development and Innovation Foundation, based in UA.

Our “Platform” is a web-platform based on our author rights’ and intellectual property including but not limited with Applied Math, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, technical and intellectual tools enabling members around the world to manage scientific based innovations, new technologies, high-tech projects and technological companies.

Access to the platform functionality is available only to registered members. The personal profile of member has to be approved by the moderators based on fulfillment of all data’s required on registration page.
There are three groups of member’s profiles:

  • Business
  • Science
  • Other

By Business profile the Platform is considering any participant of innovation process actively interested in new technologies and innovations for been implemented in business with his investment/financial support of direct funding. Business profile allows to the member free access to Technology Offers and Technology Demands and by additional subscription to Technology Management Canvas, additionally also available paid services related with analytics and other data collected by TechExchange for members’ disposal. The paid data are provided by additional request of the member. All charges are negotiated in advance.

By Science profile the Platform is considering any participant of innovation process who is creating or holding the rights for “innovations” and proposing them in any as an innovative ideas, new technologies, scientific innovations, trade-secret, know-how, IP. Every Science member has his personal responsibility for been eligible to present the innovation to potential partners. As a Science member you should do your best for protecting your intellectual property and not put to public area any confidential and not protected by legal papers details on your intellectual property. Science profile allows to the member free access to Technology Offers and Technology Demands and free of charge to Technology Management Canvas if the Technology Offer you posted is considered on TRL 6 and more, or as a paid service access to Technology Management Canvas if your Technology Offer has lower TRL mark in the system. All charges of TechExchange are negotiated in advance.

By Other profile the Platform is considering any participant playing supporting role in innovation process – been an expert in innovation field and providing any type of paid, salaried and shared services for developing of new technologies and innovations or technology companies on any stage of their development in real economy (that could be project, analytic, construction, marketing, finance, fundraising or other services that might require member of TechExchange).

Any type of membership could be initiated from Private person (by private person the Platform considers the member who act independently and not been associated with any legal entity on the actions he does on the Platform), or Organization (any type of organizations are accepted, meanwhile the organization should be eligible to manage the cooperation that the member is looking for at the Platform).

All TechExchange members are independently responsible for any legal restrictions or obstacles that appears from their side.

The Platform provides the space where members can showcase their Technology Offers and Technology Demands for exchange and partnership (by providing information on their profile page that is moderated and listed in the Platform module that corresponds). Members may actively look for offers of technologies or demands on technologies, apply for technology exchange, post offers and demands, look for partners, propose research capacities, and look for science partners and members for technology consortium. There are available wide range of posting and search criteria on the Platform.

TechExchange provides for public use independent system of machine learning algorithm for independent assessment of TRL – technology readiness level, IRL – investment readiness level, integral assessment of current stage risks of technology development in business. TechExchange provides paid or free of charge access to Technology Management Canvas that is significant data analytics of successful business models, strategies and approaches of extremely grown technological companies, these database is developing extremely by the Platform, its members and third parties organization for been used by Platform’s members as a knowledge management database and best practices library, those data could be used by members of the Platform, partnering organizations, representatives for the purposes of developing significant business model, strategy or its part, approaches and tactics for developing technology or technology companies. Meanwhile the copying of the data and their use for commercial purposes should be confirmed in written form by the Platform.

Each member is responsible for finding demands or offers of technologies that suits best their purposes and needs. TechExchange provides as much as possible data based on corporate rules, that’s based on personal member’s conditions and the volume and quantity of the additional services provided. In the meantime every member holds his personal responsibility for final decision on stepping into contract conditions with other members and participants of the Platform. TechExchange does not interfere with the organization of the exchange and assumes no liability arising therefrom. Notwithstanding, we reserve the right to cancel any member’s account if he/she fails to comply with these Terms & Conditions or our Privacy Policy.

TechExchange has following key modules and functions that could be developed further:

Module 1. Technology Demands
Submission and processing of technology demands / technology search

  • Creation of technology demands
  • Technology needs planning and structuring
  • Active promotion to targeted members for offers submitting
  • Technology scouting
  • Demands distribution to performers based on tags, interests and groups

Module 2. Technology Offers
Submission of technology offers / innovation proposals

  • Independent assessment of submitted technologies in accordance to the Platform’s stipulated standards – systematization by TRL, IRL, risks
  • Preparation of well-structured documents with independent peer review

Module 3. Technology Management Canvas
Acceleration / development of innovative projects – commercialization and transfer into successful technology business

  • Innovative tool – tech management canvas: strategy for minimizing risks, operating efficiency for bringing new technology to the market and integrating it into the current business of the company
  • Access to the knowledge bank – successful business models and cases of international technology companies over the past 20 years – the opportunity for the owner of a technology project to choose the best growth strategy

The Platform offers the rich portfolio of services for every participant of innovation process, we provide wide range of analytic and data for strengthen efficiency of managerial decision in the process of technology search, development and implementing. TechExchange is doing our best for providing the members with actual data, valuable information, making all the possible efforts for matching members inside the platform. Meanwhile each member’s actions or inaction towards the development of technology, partnership, the development of technology companies, projects and innovations are their own moral and legal responsibility.


According to the terms and conditions of these Usage Conditions, and of the pertinent additional conditions, TechExchange reserves the unilateral right to temporarily suspend or definitely terminate the rendering of services through the www.techexchange.info website, as well as to temporarily suspend or definitely terminate the www.techexchange.info website service.

Similarly, the client knows and accepts that TechExchange may publish client’s Technology Demands, Technology offers and users’ profiles on any social network or in any other website owned by TechExchange or third parties. TechExchange shall have no responsibility or liability of any kind for those publications.

Publication of the Technology Demands, Technology Offers and users’ profiles on these social networks and / or websites allows them to be viewed by the general public.

The users’ profiles will be indexed by the Internet search engines by default. Every user can change this configuration in their profile.

The Platform modules are visible just for registered and confirmed members.

As a non-registered visitor you will be able to view a limited amount of information concerning the principle of Platform’s work.

Full membership entitles members to full access to Technology Demands and Technology Offers modules, paid use or free of charge privilege on high potential technology (considered by the Platform on TRL 6 and more) gives to the member access to Technology Management Canvas module as well. Each member could post technology offer or technology demand and search vise versa inside the Technology Demand and Technology Offer modules, they could make any changes in their posting through messenger system.

The data collected by the Platform such as Basic Info, Profile Info, Personal Data, User Name, User Contact, Short Bio, Profile Type, Profile Category are collected for the purposes of members’ verification, feedback, reaching members’ out if any requests or cooperation proposals appears on their demands, offers, fields of interests, subscriptions and so. TechExchange doesn’t sell or provide those data to third parties. Each member of the Platform confirms the condition of his personal data use and allows the Platform to process his details for the purpose of the Platform operation.

In the module Technology Offer TechExchange requires from the member to add data and documents on technology, the conditions of access to those data to the members of the platform are as follows:

  • Offer description with the sections: Project Title, Project need/relevance, Background of the project, Short description of the technology, Technology Areas, Technology overview. All those sections are visible to the Platform’s members.
  • Development stage with the sections (depending on the stage of development) as full as: Start of R&D, Finishing of R&D, Results of launching prototype in operation environment, Technology test and end evaluation, The data of technology industrial implementation (verification of readiness to start on production or data on production started), Revenue results, Technology using under operations conditions. All those sections should be filled by the member posting Technology Offer for maximum relevant validation of the TRL, IRL and risks of the project. The data are not posted for public use, those data could be provided by the Platform to third parties and other members just based on confirmed requests sent by the Platform’s members. By the confirmation of the request the Platform considers detailed verification of the member who is asking for such a details, his needs and purposes, the Platform’s moderators just confirms requests that are based on technology development, implementation or partnership under its development into business. The Platform presumes that in advance should be fixed the contract conditions of partnership between members.
  • Project Parameters such as Potential customers, Potential areas of application, Proposed form of realization, Economic model of the technology, Economic efficiency, Implementation terms, Analogues list, Documents – are not available for public use. Those data are collected by the Platform for relevant validation of the TRL, IRL and risks of the project, such a data are also a starting base for further technology acceleration and development. The data are provided to other members just by preliminary notification of members.
  • Technology Management Canvas is crowd-sourcing tool, development of the Canvas of the exact technology could be created by member himself based on use of the access to knowledge bank, successful business models and cases. The Canvas is the property of the member who created it. It’s up to him if share it or not in his technology public information. The member could also involve the experts of TechExchange, members with expert type of membership on the platform, third parties if they previously would be confirmed as members of the platform. All work under Technology Management Canvas is going on in cloud provided for the purposes of Canvas’ development to the member and the other participants mentioned above just for the purpose of the technology development. Any members could not use the Technology Management Canvas cloud for commercial purposes. Technology Management Canvas, the working tool cloud, the data that is contained on the module belongs to the Platform.

Member’s Profile information is not visible to public. Personal email addresses and phone numbers are not accessible. However, contact information of the Platform’s members is provided to other members based on the confirmation to step into contract cooperation between members.


To become a TechExchange member it is necessary to create the membership account. The member’s account is validated by the Platform team. TechExchange could decline the account of the member on the registration stage, on the full membership stages. The reasons of not allowing the access to the Platform are fixed by TechExchange rules and policies. If the member has illegal activity, has bad influence to innovation development in his activity – the Platform keeps the right to block his account.


  • Members can exchange technologies as many times, with as many partners, in the form they choose, and on the condition they propose during the validity of their TechExchange membership.
  • Members have their personal account with private area giving them access to post the offers or demands, the members could edit their posting, in this case every edition should be confirmed by the moderators through Ticket’s system.
  • Members can list as many offers and technologies as they need without any limitations or extra cost.
  • Members will receive e-mail alerts and notifications to their profile from TechExchange at their personal email addresses with technology exchange suggestions based on their mentioned interests, field of experience and subscription under our Platform’s policy.
  • Members will also receive e-mail notifications from TechExchange at your personal email address in the following scenarios:
  • Registration welcome letter and details
  • Request on additional data for been posted on the Platform
  • Statuses of moderation and responses through Ticket’s system
  • Application to member’s offer or demand received at the Platform by other members
  • Membership renewal Reminders and Newsletters

Members has the right to change the type of their account, however if members move their account to Business|Science|Other or Private|Organization respectively they should notify local TechExchange representative of the change and get the confirmation.


  • Members must be of legal age in their country of residence and in the country from which they are accessing the Platform. If members do not fall within this category, they may be in breach of laws or regulations applicable in their country of residence or in their country of access and they should leave the Platform immediately.
  • Member’s service subscription is for their sole, personal use. Members may not authorize others to use their membership, and except as otherwise expressly provided in the section entitled “Right to Assign” below, they may not assign or otherwise transfer their account to any other person or entity.
  • Members will accurately describe their offers and demands. This includes an accurate description and providing all the answers to the questions and as much details as possible for making the use of the Platform the most efficient for them.
  • The member bids himself of been legally able to post the data on technologies or demands offered for exchange.
  • Omissions of relevant descriptions may be considered the same as an inaccurate description and subject the member to removal from the Platform.
  • Members will not engage in advertising to, or solicitation of, other members to buy or sell any products or services through the Platform, other than the posting of their technology offers or technology demands, technology management canvas with the purpose of the Platform’s operation and policies.
  • Postings shall not contain any type of advertising or solicitation other than stipulated with these Terms & Conditions.
  • Members will notify the Platform in any changes regarding their plans to partner on technology offers or demands in advance.
  • Members will honor all obligations they make relative to the deals they start on the Platform.
  • Members will not provide false or misleading information to other members
  • Members will not use this Platform to violate any applicable law
  • Members will not upload or transmit any files that contain viruses, corrupted files, Trojan horses, malicious code, or any other similar software or programs that may harm the operation of another’s computer or gain otherwise unauthorized access to the computer
  • Members will assume all liability for use of any information they find on the Platform
  • Members understand that TechExchange assumes no responsibility and in no way guarantees the accuracy of the information contained in any of the pages published in this Platform. The members uncover false information he obliges to report that to TechExchange.
  • Members are responsible for uploading and ensuring the accuracy of their specific data.
  • Members are responsible for investigating and adhering to all legal frames and regulations including, but not limited to, permits, licenses, taxes, rules and restrictions applicable to partnership in the technology field, and safety compliance
  • Members acknowledge that features, parameters or other services provided by TechExchange may change at any time
  • Members may not use any content from this Platform for any solicitations or for any commercial use.
  • It is the responsibility of members to verify their intellectual property security. TechExchange doesn’t provide data without authorization of members, the Platform doesn’t use those data on purposes other than explained in the Terms and Conditions, the Platform process your data and protect them, meanwhile that’s your responsibility to protect your own intellectual property by detailed following of the Platform’s policy and not posting confidential or not protected intellectual information in public sections.
  • Members acknowledge that we reserve the right to cancel any member’s account if he/she fails to comply with these Terms & Conditions or our Privacy Policy.
  • Members agree that TechExchange may use the information provided in the profile of the member outside of its Platform with the objective to increase the possibility of innovation development and technology exchanges over globe for all members in the community.


Any disagreements arising from the use of the Platform or affiliate web Platforms must be settled between the members and parties directly participated in the deals. TechExchange cannot be held responsible for any events that occur as a result of any offers or demands offered by members on the Platform. TechExchange will offer to mediate disagreements between members without assuming any responsibility for subsequent resolution or failure to resolve. TechExchange may terminate or suspend, temporarily or permanently, the memberships of any members involved in an unresolved disagreement. No refunds will be provided in the event of such suspension or termination.


TechExchange reserves the right to cancel any membership for any reason, including misuse of the Platform, any action we feel compromises the security of the Platform, any action that adversely affects other members, or any action we feel is detrimental to TechExchange. We further reserve the right to cancel a membership if we determine, at our sole discretion, that you have violated these Terms & Conditions or our posted Privacy Policy. If any information provided by a member is found to be grossly misrepresented, or should the member’s posting be in violation of any law or any provision of these Terms & Conditions, we reserve the right to remove, at our discretion, the member’s posting or the part of it at any time, and/or to terminate the member’s access to the Platform, without refund.


Members may “hide” or “publish” their technology offers or demands, or technology management canvas at any time and at no charge, by logging in the relevant section of the dashboard and choosing that option. Should a member choose to terminate their membership, they may do so by contacting their designated representative. Refunds will not be given when members terminate their membership.


TechExchange is only responsible for publishing technology offers, technology demands, providing the tools to its members to efficiently develop their technologies and technology project or companies on the Platform.

To the fullest extent permitted by law we, our officers, directors, employees, agents, and representatives, hereby disclaim all liability for any loss, cost or damage (direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise) suffered by you as a result of your use of the Platform or from any computer virus transmitted through the Platform, whether such loss, cost or damage arises from our negligence or otherwise and even if we are expressly informed of the possibility of such loss or damage.

Furthermore, TechExchange shall have no responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect injury or damages arising in connection with your use of this Platform. TechExchange shall not be liable for any lost profits, losses, punitive, incidental or consequential damages or any claim against TechExchange by any other party. In no event shall TechExchange be liable for any amount in excess of the fees paid by the member.

The TechExchange network is based on mutual trust. TechExchange is not responsible for the accuracy of the members’ offers or demands, and claims no responsibility for the accuracy, content, or availability of information accessed or linked to through use of this service.

As required under GDPR, TechExchange is committed to protecting your personal data and will implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect it against any unauthorized or unlawful processing and against any accidental loss, destruction, or damage.


All rights for all material and content (including, but not limited to text, images, web pages, sound, software and video on this Platform are owned by us or our licensors. You agree that you are permitted to use this material and/or content only as set out in these Terms & Conditions or as otherwise expressly authorized in writing by us or our licensors, and that you may not otherwise copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly perform, distribute, commercially exploit, adapt, translate, modify, bundle, merge, share or make available to any person, or create derivative works of such material or content.

All content within this Platform, including information in each technology offer or technology demand is available to the members of this Platform for the express purpose of arranging direct cooperation between members.

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other members. This Platform is a service of a private membership organization, and information contained herein is private and not in the public domain. All this information is secured according to GDPR.

Members may not use any content from this Platform for any solicitations, or for any commercial use. Data mining of information from this Platform is prohibited. Initial contact is limited and is moderated by the Platform. Any violation of this paragraph shall subject the violator to severe penalties. Please note the display of a private email address or other contact details, or the related details inside your technology offer, technology demand or technology management canvas is not permitted. TechExchange reserves the right to remove all such information from the Platform at any time.


NDI Foundation, international innovation development organization – non-government organization established under laws of Ukraine, certificate of registration #1425440 dated 06 November 2014, not for profit TAX ID 39484525 is the owner and/or authorized user of all trademarks, service marks, design marks, patents, copyrights, database rights and all other intellectual property appearing on or contained within the Platform, unless otherwise indicated. Except as provided in these Terms & Conditions, the use of the Platform does not grant you any right, title, interest or license to any such intellectual property you may access on the Platform.

You may view the Platform and you are welcome to: print hard copies of material, distribute material on it via the ’email’, ‘link’, ‘download’ and ’embed’ functionality on the Platform, but solely for your lawful, personal, non-commercial use. Except as provided in these Terms & Conditions, any other use or reproduction of the intellectual property is prohibited.


The opinions, advice, statements, offers or other information or content made available through this Platform are not necessarily ours. Any statements, advice and opinions made by other participants are those of such participants only. Such authors are solely responsible for such content.

We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information on this Platform. Under no circumstances are we responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any person’s reliance on information or other content posted on the Platform or transmitted to members.

Due to the global nature of the Internet, members hereby agree to comply with all local rules regarding on-line conduct and acceptable content. Members also agree to comply with any applicable rules regarding the export of any data from any country.


Unfortunately, we are unable to warrant that the Platform will be free from viruses. Although we take all available steps to secure the Platform, you acknowledge that the Internet is not a completely secure medium and we make no warranties, express or implied, that any information or materials you post on or transmit through the Platform will be totally safe from unauthorized access or use.


In the course of your use of the Platform, you may be asked to provide personal information to us. Our information collection and user policies with respect to such information are set forth in the Platform Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is incorporated in these Terms & Conditions by reference. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the accuracy and content of your information.


We do not vouch for those persons, companies and other organizations whose goods or services may be accessed or displayed through or on the Platform.


We may restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the Platform and/or your ability to avail of any of the services on the Platform, if we believe that you have breached these Terms & Conditions at any time. Any such restriction, suspension or termination will be without prejudice to any rights, which we may have against you in respect of your breach of these Terms & Conditions. We may also remove the Platform as a whole or any sections or features of the Platform at any time. Please note that we have the ability to trace your IP address and if necessary contact your ISP in the event of a suspected breach of these Terms & Conditions.


Under GDPR, these Terms & Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to its subject matter and supersedes any and all prior promises, representations, agreements, statements and understandings whatsoever between us. To the extent that software is available through the Platform, such software may be subject to a license agreement that is distributed or included with such software, and you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of any such license agreements. The failure by us to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of the Terms & Conditions is found by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable or invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the Court should endeavor to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the Terms & Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.


These Terms & Conditions, including the Privacy Policy and any matter relating to this Platform, shall be governed by UK law and any legal action will be brought exclusively to UK.


Any use by you of the Platform operated by NDI Foundation at www.techexchange.info (the ‘Platform‘) is conditional upon your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

All references to ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘the Platform’ or ‘company’ in this policy refer to TechExchange. We endeavor to protect your personal privacy. We provide this privacy statement in order to inform you of what we may do with any personal information that we obtain from you. By supplying us with your personal details, you signify your acceptance of our Privacy Statement. If you do not agree with this statement, please do not provide us with your personal details. This privacy statement is incorporated in the Terms and Conditions which govern your use of the Platform as a whole. We will use your information for the purposes set out below. You will be given an opportunity to unsubscribe at any time. We may need to update this privacy statement from time to time. We recommend that you regularly check this page to ensure that you have read the most recent version.


You must not provide us with your personal information if you are not of legal age to do so in the jurisdiction in which you reside or (if different) in the jurisdiction from which you are accessing the Platform. We do not intend to collect personal information from any individuals under the legal age. If we receive notice or believe that someone under the legal age has provided us with personal information we will make every reasonable effort to remove such personal information from our files.


Personal information is information about an identifiable individual, as defined by applicable law.


You can decide what personal information you provide to us. We will only retain personal information that you choose to provide. Where possible, we will enable you to select how we will use this information, for example, by choosing to opt in or out of receiving information from us.

You may choose to provide us with personal information if, for example, you: contact us with an enquiry, register on the Platform as a member, fill out a survey or other form with your personal information, request us to provide you with information, enter a competition, post information to public areas of the Platform, or take advantage of a promotion. By providing any personal information to us, you fully understand and clearly consent to the transfer of such personal information to, and the collection and processing of such information in other countries or territories for the purposes of enabling you to engage in exchanging technologies and innovations.

Any such transfer and processing by us will be in accordance with this Privacy Statement and requirements under GDPR. In circumstances where you provide us with information relating to any third parties, you affirm that you have received that third party’s consent in relation to such disclosure and that the third party has been informed of, and agree to, our Privacy Policy and the uses, which we may make of such information.


As require under GDPR, we will retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and in order to meet the legal and business requirements of managing your membership and experience with us.

  • Under GDPR, TechExchange shall retain former members’ information, both public and personally identifiable, for 5 years following the members’ last subscription year to our service.
  • Member may request all information be deleted from our database at any other time, by contacting their designated representative, according to GDPR law.


We will use information collected from you in the following ways:

Transactional Purposes

We may use your personal information in order to respond to your queries and requests, posting or actions on the Platform. The personal information you provide may be used only by an authorized third party, contracted by TechExchange both within and outside the EU with verified internet security certificates, to fulfill that order.

Contract deals

Your contact information (e-mail address and telephone number) is never made available to other members or visitors. Furthermore, in order to get the most out of our Platform as a member, you expressly consent that we use your contact information to regularly forward to you suggestions and partnership proposals according to your posting, chosen preference criteria, subscriptions.

Marketing communications

We may use your personal information in order to communicate with you about our services and those of our TechExchange affiliates and parent companies and any of their related businesses.

By accepting the Privacy Policy on registration, you expressly accept to receive information about TechExchange news and promotions. You will also be given the opportunity to unsubscribe whenever we communicate with you, and you may unsubscribe from such communications at any time.

Marketing analysis

We may use information for internal marketing analysis. We may also share non-personal information with others, in aggregate anonymous form, which means that the information will not contain any personally identifiable information about you.

Public Areas of the Platform

The data you post on or via the public areas of the Platform are generally accessible to, and may be collected and used by, others and may result in unsolicited suggestions that you oblige to moderate yourself.

Social Media

The Platform offers the opportunity for members to share information on social media. In the form we disclaim any liability arising from the publication of this information on social media.

Administration and data management

We may transfer your personal information to third parties under confidentiality obligations when the performance of any service in relation to the activities above is sub-contracted (e.g. the administration of a marketing campaign or IT support).

Legal purposes

We may collect, use or disclose your personal information if permitted by law or required to do so by law or where we believe such action is necessary in order to protect or defend us or other third parties against error, negligence, breach of contract, theft, fraud and other illegal or harmful activity, to comply with our audit and security requirements, and to audit compliance with our corporate policies, procedures, legal and contractual obligations.


In common with many Platforms, we use ‘cookies’ to help us gather the following information from visitors to the Platform. A cookie is a small data file that our server sends to your browser when you visit the Platform. The use of cookies helps us to assist your use of certain aspects of the Platform. You can delete cookies at any time or you can set your browser to reject or disable cookies. If you do disable cookies, some functions on the Platform may not work correctly. We may use information from cookies for traffic monitoring e.g.:

  • The IP address from which you access the Platform
  • The type of browser and operating system used to access the Platform
  • The date and time of your access to the Platform
  • The pages you visit
  • To recognize repeat-visitors for statistical / analytical purposes.

We may connect the information that we collect through cookies with other personally identifiable information that you provide to us for the following purposes:

  • To customize or personalize your experience of the Platform so that we can greet you on the Platform by name, for example.
  • To monitor your use of our Platform in order to make our communications to you as relevant as possible, for example, by sending you e-mail communications relevant to parts of the Platform that you visit most often or by letting you know about features of the Platform that you have not yet accessed.
  • We may compile and report to third parties aggregate statistics about our users in terms of numbers, traffic patterns and related Platform information in order to further exchange prospects.


In addition to disclosures outlined in the legal purposes above, from time to time we may disclose personal information where:

  • Engaging data processing and software development companies in relation to TechExchange.
  • Platform hosting and management, information technology and office services
  • A person who, in our reasonable judgment, is providing or seeking the information as the authorized or appointed legal agent of the subject individual
  • Or any third party with your consent or where disclosure is required or permitted by law.

Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of use of the Platform, which include this Privacy Policy, constitutes a granting of consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes set out above.


We take security seriously and take all possible precautions to keep your personal information secure. We have installed the appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information we collect. However, due to the open communication nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that communications between you and us, or information stored on our servers, will be free from unauthorized access by third parties.

10 - LINKS

The Platform may contain links or references to other web-resources outside of our control. Please be aware that we have no control over these resources and this Privacy Statement does not apply to them.
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